Monday, 14 November 2011

Switch to GreenPower

If you are against coal and coal seam gas development show it by switching to GreenPower. If more homes and businesses use GreenPower the energy companies will be forced to invest more money in renewable energy.

GreenPower is a government program where your energy provider purchases renewable energy on your behalf and the government ensures that what they buy meets stringent environmental standards.

Examples of generation which is not allowed in the scheme includes:

- Hydro power where significant river diversions have taken place as part of the hydro station being built

- Biomass using native rainforests

- Coal seem gas

- All types of non-renewable generation including coal fired, natural gas, oil, and nuclear

The energy companies are independently audited to ensure that the energy you buy is helping to develop new infrastructure in the renewable energy sector.

The website provides information on why you should switch to GreenPower, how much it will cost and tips for saving energy.

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