Saturday, 5 November 2011

Destruction in Queensland

Peter Neilsen sends photos and reports from Gladstone. The gas fields are on prime agricultural land near Chinchilla and the building of the LNG plant is destroying Curtis Island within the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef area.

This photo of a gas field near Chinchilla shows the massive damage being inflicted by Queensland Gas Company on the prime agricultural land there.

This is just a small sampling of the many thousands of gas wells that they are drilling there and they are aided and abetted by the Queensland Government who have removed the rights of farmers to object and appeal against the destruction of their lands.

Many of these farmers are descendants of pioneering families and this wanton destruction is destroying their culture, history, livelihood and way of life and this is seriously affecting the health and welfare and lives of thousands of people who stand to lose everything in the name of greed and the act of bastardry by our Corporate Government of Queensland .

This photo is of the destruction that the same company is inflicting on the once beautiful, Curtis Island where the GSG taken from the wells in the first photo will be processed and shipped overseas. (This is just one of the 4 or 5 such acts of vandalism being inflicted on Curtis Island by "entities" who control Gladstone Industry and the LNG monsters).

This entire area (and all future LNG facilities) is totally within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and every square centimetre of this area is approved and promoted by the LNG companies and the State and Federal Government in the name of greed and power with very little being left here to benefit our own country.

The dredging was forced to cease last weekend because of turbidity problems but the Gladstone Ports Corporation claim that the poor quality of the water in the harbour is still being caused by the rains in January and has nothing to do with the dredging

In short these two photos show both ends of the operation of the same LNG company.  What they are doing in between defies belief. There is a special act in Queensland that allows LNG companies to do whatever they wish on whoever's lands they wish and the owners and Councils have no power to stop them. They move into areas of farming lands on the pipeline route and build "camps" for up to 1000 workers and there is nothing that can be done to stop them.

Only foreign companies and foreign governments will really benefit from what has been forced onto us.

The only way that we can make this known to everybody in this country is to send this to as many people as we can and have them in turn send it onto others.

Not enough help is given from local media because of influence by the "entities" that are forcing this on to us.

Massive destruction has already been inflicted and they haven't even started yet.

Peter Neilsen.

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