Wednesday, 16 November 2011

CSG in the news

Gruen Planet guest tells how to deal with communities, drilling stops on Liverpool Plains until study complete, National Party fails to vote on its own CSG policy.

Gruen Planet & CSG
9 November 2011
The ABC’s Gruen Planet looked at the ways mining companies try to make us love them. Can the mining companies substitute ‘fracking’ with the gentler ‘seam stimulation’ or is that something that leads to fracking?

When asked how to deal with communities, marketing bloke and occasional propagandist Toby Ralph told how he once dealt with a difficult community on a major infrastructure project.
1. Forge local relations
2. Understand local concerns
3. Create local opinion leaders
4. Claim the middle ground
5. Employ activists as consultants
6. Marginalise the remainder

Sound familiar? The easy way to remember this is an anagram of the first letters – FUCCEM. 

Win for gas blockade as Santos pulls back
November 15, 2011 – Sydney Morning Herald - Ben Cubby, Sean Nicholls
COAL seam gas drilling at a flashpoint site on the edge of the Liverpool Plains has been halted after the state's biggest coal seam gas operator, Santos, backed down, ending a three-week blockade by residents.

It is understood Santos has agreed not to drill exploratory wells at Spring Ridge, south of Gunnedah, until a detailed government study of the Namoi water catchment has been completed in April. Read more:

11 November 2011
National Party Fails to Vote on its Own CSG Policy
Independent Lyne MP Rob Oakeshott says the National Party's absence during a Senate vote on its own coal-seam gas policy is inexplicable.

"At the start of the week, the National Party belatedly outlined its blueprint for coal-seam gas development in Australia," Mr Oakeshott said.

"It's very first principle was: No coal-seam gas development should proceed where it poses a significant impact to the quality of groundwater or surface water systems. It must be absolutely clear that no coal-seam gas development should occur unless it is proven safe for the environment.

"Seventy-two hours later, the Nationals' core principle, word for word, was put to the Senate and was voted down by the Liberal Party and the Labor Party.

"Worse still, the five National Party senators failed to show.

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