Monday, 15 August 2011

Media release – Putty protest rally

About 50 people were at a protest against coal seam gas on a private property on
Putty Road on Sunday 14 August.

John Fomiatti, Michael McNamara, Kathy McKenzie
The ABC chopper landed in the paddock to the cheers of the placard waving crowd.

Cars and bikes tooted their approval as they drove by. Australia’s sporting colours, the green and gold, inspired by wattle trees in full bloom were on display along the sides of the road.

The community is concerned about Dart Energy plans to start drilling a core hole later this week 500 metres from the World Heritage Wollemi National Park and within the Hawkesbury catchment area.

This is the beginning of the industrialisation of a valley surrounded by internationally recognised wilderness areas.

The community has received legal advice that drilling may ultimately breach Section 41 of the National Parks & Wildlife Ace 1974.

Chair of the Putty Community Association CSG Subcommittee, Kathy McKenzie has acted swiftly to inform the Government:  "As soon as I had this legal advice I provided it to the Minister for the Environment, Robyn Parker....and, of course, the Premier."

To date she has received no response.

Kathy went on to say:  "We are a small community standing up for a principle..we want to see national parks in NSW secured for future generations"

The Government is leaving it to a small rural community to fight for the Wollemi and the water catchment for the Hawkesbury.

Dart Energy has lost all credibility with local landholders.

'Let me be completely explicit: Dart Energy has NEVER initiated community consultation in this valley,' said Kathy.

All community consultation has been initiated by the community, not Dart Energy.

Putty Valley Online – community website

Dart Energy now owns Macquarie Energy

Kathy McKenzie
Ph: 02 6579 7047

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