Friday, 12 August 2011

Media Release - CSG Protest Rally on Putty Road Sunday 14 August

Members of the Putty community and friends will be protesting against coal seam gas on Sunday 14 August from 11am to 2pm. The protest rally will be held on a private property, “Wheeny”, on the western side of the Putty Road half way between Windsor and Singleton and adjoining the property of the proposed drilling site.

The protest is against Dart Energy’s plans to start drilling an exploration core hole next week, approximately 500 metres from the World Heritage Wollemi National Park.

Michael McNamara, a high school deputy principal, has taken three months leave to conduct a speaking tour around New South Wales raising awareness of coal seam gas and promoting the National Day of Action on 16 October 2011, the first day of National Water Week. Michael, a committee member of the Lock the Gate Alliance, and his wife Julie will be bringing their caravan to Putty for the protest rally as part of their Defend Our Water Tour.

The original Putty Road was the first road north of Sydney and was opened in 1823, subsequently the Great North Road was started in 1826. The Putty Road today is a popular scenic route to the Hunter Valley from Sydney and the Blue Mountains for tourists, car enthusiasts and motorcycle clubs. Presently it is particularly scenic, with flashes of green and gold as the wattles begin to bloom.

The Putty community invite people to the area, two hours drive from Sydney CBD, to see for themselves this unique area surrounded by National Parks and now under threat from industrialisation.

Barbecue facilities will be available at the rally.

Putty Valley Online – community website

Dart Energy now owns Macquarie Energy

Lock the Gate Alliance

Kathy McKenzie
Ph: 02 6579 7047

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