Saturday, 6 August 2011

Impacts of coal seam gas to be investigated

A Parliamentary Committee will investigate the environmental, economic and social impacts of coal seam gas mining in NSW, following widespread concerns from landholders, farmers and environmentalists worried about the affects of this rapidly growing industry. The Committee is currently seeking submissions from interested individuals and groups, with a closing date of 7th September 2011.

"Substantial reserves of coal seam gas are located in NSW and the potential energy of these reserves is massive," explains Chair of the Committee, the Hon. Robert Brown MLC. "Known reserves of coal seam gas in NSW could power all current NSW residential energy use for the next 181 years.

"However, coal seam mining has the potential to affect the environment, particularly water supplies, and whilst it can bring economic and social benefits to communities, it can also raise issues of property rights and property values.

"This inquiry is an opportunity for all stakeholders and communities to provide input into how NSW can balance social, economic and environmental objectives of coal seam gas mining. I encourage all people interested in the inquiry to get involved and have their say in front of the Committee."

Coal seam gas is a naturally occurring gas used for the production of electricity. Over the past five years interest in the industry has skyrocketed. The Committee intends to thoroughly examine all issues relating to the industry, with a view to providing key recommendations for government action.

For more information, including terms of reference and guidelines for making a submission, please visit the Committee's website –

NSW Government media release

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