Monday, 21 May 2012

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The NSW Government say there will be a gas shortage while BHP Billiton say they have plenty in Bass Strait. Videos of Save the Great Barrier Reef, 7000 march against coal seam gas in Lismore and the Protect our Water, Protect our Land rally in Sydney.

May 15, 2012
NSW to press on with coal seam gas: Hartcher
Sydney Morning Herald
Energy minister Chris Hartcher told and oil and gas industry conference that the New South Wales government is determined to develop the state's coal seam gas industry to address a looming shortfall in gas supply. BHP Billiton Petroleum chief Mike Yeager told journalists that the Bass Strait field still has a large amount of gas that's undeveloped and they could supply the east coast markets indefinitely.

May 16, 2012
Gas glut will punish prices: Santos
Paddy Manning and Peter Klinger, Sydney Morning Herald
Development of unconventional gas reserves in Australia is likely to follow the US model with a supply glut pushing gas prices back down towards the end of the decade, according to Santos managing director David Knox.

Save Our Water Catchment Areas (SOWCA) is a multi-group supported campaign to halt harm being done to the water catchment areas of NSW by coal seam gas (CSG) extraction, coal mining and any other damaging and hazardous mining and mining related activity, including exploration.

Save the Reef
When you join all the dots and see what the fossil fuel industry has planned for the Great Barrier Reef, you can't help but be outraged. Coal and coal seam gas projects, dredging, pipelines and oil spills -- the threats to the Reef, and our land, are hard to believe.

Every Australian should know about this, so Get Up made this 3 minute video to put it all in context.

People power at Lismore as 7000 march against coal seam gas

Protect our water, protect our land! March in Sydney

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