Thursday, 29 March 2012

Putty Rallies against SRLUP

Putty Rally against the draft Strategic Regional Land Use Plan for the Upper Hunter is on Sunday 1st April at Putty Hall at 9.30am .

The NSW Government’s draft Strategic Regional Land Use Plan (SRLUP) for the Upper Hunter has the Putty area mapped as:
1. Open-cut and/or underground coal resource potential
2. High and moderate coal seam gas potential

The Putty Community Association’s CSG Subcommittee is organising this event to highlight the following -

 The Putty area  is surrounded by World Heritage National Parks

 Putty should not be included in the Upper Hunter Plan as its water flows into the Hawkesbury, impacting on Hawkesbury roads and rivers not the Hunter

 The Government has broken its election promise of protecting high value conservation lands and stating that mining and coal seam gas extraction should not occur in sensitive areas.

 The date for submissions from the public for the SRLUP should be extended as the deadline on 3 May is the same day that the Government’s CSG Inquiry’s findings are to be released.

 SRLUP does not address the problems of exploration or exempt any land from exploration.

 SRLUP is a political document, lacking in supporting data

Speakers include Luke Foley, Labor Shadow Minister for the Environment who came to Putty a few weeks ago and said in parliament that ‘the Putty Valley is a perfect example of a sensitive area that should exclude mining and extractive industries, in order to protect its significant environmental values.’

Putty Valley and Howes Valley are looking exceptionally beautiful after recent rain. Residents, landowners, regular visitors and people downstream on the Colo, MacDonald and Hawkesbury Rivers are all invited to come to this rally and voice your opinions.

Channel 7 plans to film the event and some parts of the area for the evening news.

Don’t forget Daylight Saving Time ends at 2am 1 April. Turn your clocks back Saturday night and you can sleep in Sunday.

Draft Strategic Land Use Plan for the Upper Hunter

For fruther information contact
Kathy McKenzie
Chairman Putty Community Association CSG Subcommittee
Ph: 6579 7047

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